Your Information

I am Beverley Webster trading as Think Better. Under GDPR General Data Protection Regulations my clients have a right to know why their information is collected, how it is used and kept safe. Clients also have a right to access information held by me.


Why is Information Collected?

I facilitate training workshops and provide business consultancy services. I also provide CBT counselling, Coaching and Case Management.

As a training service provider and / or consultant, I have contact details and organisational information that you have provided me with.  I use your information as my client to make / change meetings and review and prepare relevant documents. All Case Management, Counselling and Coaching services begin with a detailed assessment and this may include obtaining information about past and current health needs. This information is collected so that I can provide the most appropriate service to you. Occasionally, further contact may be made with your GP or other health professional, subject to signed consent from yourself.


What Type of Information is held?

I only collect information relevant and necessary for me to carry out specific work agreed with you as my client.

How Is Information Used?

Contact information such as phone numbers, addresses and email addresses enable me to make/ change appointments with you. Contact information may also be used to post out receipts and to send or receive information or details from and to you.

Who Has Access to Your Information?

Your information will not be shared with anyone outside of myself (t/a Think Better) without prior consent except in the following circumstances:

  • At your request
  • Required by Law
  • In your best interests and you are unable to give consent

Disclosure of Your Information to Others

As a Consultant or facilitator your data will not be shared with a 3rd party unless you request data to be shared and / or only with your prior written consent.


As a Case Manager, Counsellor or Coach I may need to pass on some of your information to other Health, Social Care and / or vocational professionals so that you can receive the most appropriate service to meet your needs. You will be asked to sign a consent form prior to any release of information and only relevant information will be released.

How Will Your Information Be Stored?

In relation to consultancy and training information that is not needed will be routinely deleted / disposed of in a safe way and this also applies to paper records. In relation to individual counselling, case management or coaching I will store your information securely and your notes will be kept for 7 years.

Accessing Your Records

You have a right to request information about you. All requests will be answered within 40 days and there will be no fee for the information provided.

Requests in writing can be made to

Beverley Webster t/a Think Better


Killincooley More



County Wexford          Tel: 087 9678149 or


Right to Amend, Restrict, and Object to Information Held

You have a right to have incorrect information held about you corrected.


Collecting Personal Data from the Website

I (trading as Think Better) do not overtly collect any personal data about you on my website. Click here to read my Website Privacy Policy.