Employee wellbeing is an increasing area of interest for Irish employers. In a 2017 HR Update two thirds of respondents expected employee Wellbeing to be an area of growth over the next 5 years with a focus on mental health. There is also a tangible ground swell of personal interest in mental health and Wellness.


Put the two together and the result is a real window of opportunity to engage with employees in learning to look after their mental health and Wellness.


This half day introductory workshop uses applied Positive Psychology, Cognitive Behaviour and the Recovery model in mental health to introduce participants to emotional Wellness at work. It provides an overview of key Wellness concepts and how they can be applied at home and in work to help people think, feel and act better.


Think Better for Wellness at Work will introduce participants to:


The concept of Wellness and factors that influence our Wellness


    • Becoming more aware of our own Wellness
    • Building healthy Wellness Habits
    • How thinking influences emotions and behaviours
    • Characteristics of healthy thinking and common Thinking mistakes
    • Replacing unhelpful thoughts and emotions with helpful and more productive ones using the Cognitive Behavioural model
    • The plastic brain; new frontiers for Wellness