This workshop helps participants to learn how to recognise and manage their thoughts and emotions more effectively so that they can behave more effectively and maximise performance.


The most portable and powerful tool that we use every day at work is our mind and we think. How we think leads to how we feel and in turn to how we act.


We can create barriers to success by how we think about ourselves, about others and the world around us.


Inaccurate interpretations can lead to unhelpful emotions and behaviours such as unhealthy worry, anger, perfectionism, procrastination and an inability to stay on task.


At the same time effective thinking can open up new ideas, help us to focus, make good decisions and ultimately reach our goals. Effective thinking is also highly correlated with staying well and developing resilience, two essentials for any employee and employer.


Think Better Workshops for Managers help participants to:


  • Understand how thinking influences emotions and behaviours

  • Recognise and avoid thinking traps

  • Recognise thinking “themes” associated with unhelpful emotions and

  • Recognise characteristics of healthy thinking

  • Learn how to replace unhelpful thoughts and emotions with helpful and more productive ones using the Cognitive Behavioural model

  • Apply learning to their own working lives

  • Learn and applying positive thinking strategies to their own working life