“I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum potential”

– Bob Nardelli Former CEO Home Depot


Leadership begins with yourself. Who you are and how you communicate is as important as what you do. I partner with people who are driven to self-lead for their own success and happiness and as the foundation towards leading others.

Coaching focuses on helping you to develop a clear, accurate and flexible thinking style, an awareness of and an ability to express your emotions effectively, and clarity about your core values and how these will guide you in good and bad times  

The Think Better Coaching approach is underpinned by a Cognitive Behaviour model but also uses tools from NLP, Positive and Neuro Psychology and leading thought experts in Leadership and Performance.

The process includes

  • Explore and setting Goals, what are your personal development goals in relation to managing yourself so that you are more effective in Leadership and life?
  • Become more self -aware about how your current thinking patterns, emotional management, interaction with others and personal coping mechanisms affect your leadership performance
  • Create your leadership personal development plan where you identify specific skills that you wish to enhance, identify and work on removing emotional blocks to progress, (re) discover your core values and commit to leading and living in a way that leverages your strengths, is true to your values and serves a purpose.