What Makes Us Happy

What Makes Us Happy?

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Thanks for responding to my Poll What makes you smile? The largest response by far (78%) was “Family” and actually, this was no surprise.

In my experience when you ask people to stop and think about what makes them smile, happy, what is their best memory etc it often involves the people they are closest to in ordinary situations such as family gatherings, a cup of tea in the kitchen talking and sharing.

As female entrepreneurs our “busyness” often means that we need to fit a lot into any one day. I do this and make no apologies for it but I also realise that while I am part of these every day experiences they can fly by as my mind has one foot in the last moment and one in the next!

Yes, I try to practice my Mindfulness and Yes I am aware that when I slow down I can become more effective, I even teach this stuff! But as we all know there is a difference between what we know and what we do.

I have realised that Mindfulness, i.e. paying attention and focussing on something with intention for me needs to be integrated into my everyday life in mini “innoculations” of a minute here and there.

One of the ways I do this is practicing savouring a positive moment. The moment is no longer but it seems like it is. It takes conscious effort and practice, like any skill.

It takes putting the phone down (on silent!) and really dwelling and lingering in this moment. For me it means noticing when I am with a person their appearance, their expression in that moment, their smile, the room we are in, the sound of their voice and most of all how I feel.

Yes it sounds mechanical but for me that’s what it takes and it works!! The moment passes but the positive feeling remains for longer and because I have imprinted it so vividly in my brain I can recall it more easily. And we all need to be able to call up some magic moments in the busyness of life!