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Mirror Mirror On The Wall…

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At the recent VMA awards Pink used her speech to talk to her daughter and the audience about self-acceptance.
Why did she do this? Because her small daughter had recently told her that she thought she was ugly and looked like a boy.

Pink has always been vocal about being comfortable and happy with who she is but her daughter had still picked up some unhealthy messages that were chipping away at her confidence.

So as Mothers wanting to raise our impressionable girls to become confident women what can we do? We cannot control the world but we can learn to watch out for how our “rating” of ourselves, i.e. how we think about ourselves leaks out in our words and actions. Why is this important? Because our daughters pick up their earliest messages about their worth from us.
It is difficult not to be influenced by a Pop Culture and media driven definition of beauty when we are constantly being bombarded with messages about getting the perfect body, being thinner, fitter, younger etc. The message is that you are beautiful when you fit into this very narrow definition of beauty and by implication when you don’t then you are ugly. At the very least the message is that you are not as good as the people who do make the grade… the beautiful people. So how do we counteract that?

Well we can start with ourselves. It’s fine to want to look well and let’s be honest we all want to look beautiful. However beauty is as unique as we are, we are all different and already all beautiful, we just need to remind ourselves of that.

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder so look in the mirror and what do you behold? The challenge is how can we raise our children to know that they are good enough and accept themselves if we as women don’t think that we are good enough and accept ourselves.


The point is


“You are beautiful and you are enough”

Think Better!