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Getting Back to Basics; Self Leadership

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As Bill George said, “The hardest person you will ever have to lead is yourself”

The demand to keep pace with technological change and the drive to develop data and technical skills is unavoidable in todays’ global market.

Ironically at the same time there is a growing recognition that #ExceptionalLeaders have gone back to basics, to themselves.

They have taken time to learn about themselves, they know what makes them tick, their personal and inter personal strengths and they recognise their “hot spots”. Crucially they are anchored by their values and adopt a planned preventative approach to their own stress management, they tend not to burn out recognising that this may be a marathon not a sprint. Most importantly they develop and use their personal skills and values to manage and lead with clear vision and purpose. In a highly competitive market people who are able to lead themselves have the edge when it comes to leading others.

The decisions we make, the relationships we build, the values we hold onto, our resilience and coping mechanisms are all influenced by the way we think, the way we manage our emotions and the extent to which we are anchored by our values.

Exceptional leaders invest heavily in #SelfLeadership for all their staffs because they recognise that if we can help people learn more about how to manage themselves, their emotions and the most powerful app they will ever have, i.e. how they use their mind, it will be the ultimate return on investment. #Leadership