Managers and leaders are expected to be inherently self -aware and yet most of them have never been taught, shown or enabled to be so. The business word does not generally encourage their managers or leaders to focus on recognising and managing their emotions, this is often viewed as “fluffy” and making people in some way vulnerable. And yet Emotional Intelligence is positively correlated with the ability to empathise, effective communication, managing stress, dealing with conflict, and outstanding leadership.


This half day programme introduces participants to the main domains of Emotional Intelligence and then focuses on the first of these, self- awareness. Think Better Emotional Self Awareness introduces participants to:


– Emotions and Emotional Intelligence (EI). Definitions and models
– The impact of emotional awareness on performance
– Productive and un-productive emotions
– How to recognise the unique “recipe” of each emotion in self and others
– Naming emotions accuratley
– Embedding awareness into performance


Programme Participant Profile

This half day is an introduction to emotional self-awareness. As such it is suitable for
anyone interested in learning more how to recognise their own emotions and how
their emotions impact on their performance.